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The database seems to be corrupted on my computer.

Is there any way to put things back in order without losing my datas ?

I still have the names of my feeds and all my folders.

But when I click on thats names, sometimes the list of articles is displayed, and sometimes not. Mot of time, the screen on the right is empty.

Any advice ?

Sorry for my bad english.

Try SQLite Expert Personal 

Try SQLite Expert Personal 

I will ! What do you think I

I will ! What do you think I should do with ?

You need in this application

You need in this application to open the file feeds.db and perform a recovery

I found some advices on the

I found some advices on the web, but when I try to launch vaccum, for exemple, there is the message "database disk image is malformed".

Sorry, I'm discovering all

Sorry, I'm discovering all this. What do you mean by performing a recovery ?

I do not remember, I need to

I do not remember, I need to look. I will say later

Thank you verry much !

Thank you verry much !
I tried follow these

I tried follow these instructions but I receive the message « database disk image is malformed ».

So, finally, I decided to use a backup I had, that was almost two monthes old. I would have lost some informations that I might be able to search directly into the database if reealy nedded, now that you made me discover SQLite.

I will make more frequent backups in the future.

Recently, I've been running Quite RSS on an USB key. Do you think this could have contributed to corrupting the database ?

Because of my problem, I took a look at the online selfhosted aggregators but I wasn't convinced by the one I tested. A local application remains much more ergonomic, I think. So I realized how Quite RSS was precious to me, whereas I check almost 300 feeds each day.

So, tnanks to the developers !