Configuration Files: How to deploy in enterprise environment (pre-configure feeds)

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I am interested in deploying QuiteRss in an enterprise environment. The company has a number of internal rss feed on a per team basis, so we want the IT team to automatically configure the workstation of every staff with the RSS feeds being relevant to their team and job.

Deploying applications in such an enterprise setup is done by manually crafting configuration files, and then deploying them to a fleet of dozens, hundreds or thousands of computers in one-click by running deployment scripts. However i am struggling to find any plain-text configuration files used by quiterss. All the configuration files I come across seem to be in binary format, and quiterss does not have any man page. What I looking for is a plain-text configuration file that would allow me to set the following:

- the user interface language
- create folders (to organize the feeds in them)
- create feeds and put them into folders
- and as nice to have: manage Labels

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you!