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Many times when articles are downloaded, on schedule, I get old ones, a week maybe and many more than the last download. Doesn't QuiteRSS keep count of articles? I used

FeedDemon for a long time and don't remember the same situtation.

Windows 10 Pro.



probably you enabled the clean-up options under

Tools -> Feeds -> Clean-Up.

If this is enabled old news get deleted according to the clean-up settings.
But if this old news are still present in the feed oin the website they will be downloaded again.

To avoid this at all you need to disable the clean-up options.
Then the news will remain in the QuiteRss db (feeds.db) and will not be downloaded again.

Please be aware that with this approach the feeds.db file size will increase over the time.
That might slow down QuiteRss.

i would recommend to keep the clean-up settings and change the news order of the feed.
This can be done by

Right click on the feed -> Properties -> Columns -> Sort by

If you choose to order the news by "Published descending" the old news will always be at the end of the news list.
So if you read the news list from the top they will regularly not appear if you don't go to the end of the list.
Normally you will anyway be interested in the current news.

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I tested it with the feed you

I tested it with the feed you provided and it worked fine. For other feeds we have to see.

Normally a video is enbedded with a frame and this can be found in the description.  Just try it out!



Is there a help.pdf around. I

Is there a help.pdf around. I just moved and don't know when I can setup my printer.

Unfortunately there is no

Unfortunately there is no such pdf. Did you try the filter?

"Published descending" Will

"Published descending" Will try one setting at a time. I have this conversation book marked.

Just like working on a telephone system with a weird problem. 47 years retired now.