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This topic is for saying thanks to all development team members from users!

Anyone can appreciate their work in this topicheart

I love their software..what's your idea?

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Zinni (not verified)
Thank you very much for this

Thank you very much for this great "News-Central". Great WORK!!!!!!! 

deby (not verified)
I am going to install

I am going to install QuiteRSS. I hope it is the program that I'm looking for. I tried RSSOwl, RSS Bandit and many other Rss Readers but all they have always had a problem! I seek only a simple program to use, so that I can check 5000 feeds quickly and to have "saved search" with my keywords and import / export of feeds. Stop, this is all I ask.

philip_rhoades (not verified)


I have just discovered QuiteRSS - great work!  So far it fixes all the annoyances I had with other readers . . very nice!



Also from me a big thanks. I

Also from me a big thanks. I have loaded the source, to adapt the code for my needs. But with some changes in the options it's all already perfect.

Kindly Regards, Alex

Hi everybody

Hi everybody

I am very pleased to rediscover QuiteRSS I was an old Feeddemon user which was the best rss aggregator but unfortunately development  was stopped a few years ago. I tried QuiteRSS sometimes ago but it was not as good as feeddemon so I stayed with FD. But now you have done a very good job I just rediscover it so I will probably find some differences with FD but my first impression is very positive.Thanks to the team

ps: after 48 hours using QuiteRSS I must say that it is much more powerfull than Feedemon. Congratulations to the team a very good work

The more time use QuiteRSS,

The more time use QuiteRSS, more I like it.

I am already waiting with this new version QuiteRSS2.


Many thanks heart