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I'm almost ready to jump from RSSowl to QuiteRSS.

I want to move over for some key reasons:

  1. QuiteRSS is much faster
  2. QuiteRSS does not need Java runtime
  3. QuiteRSS has adblock and a stable/usable embedded browser
  4. QuiteRSS is being actively developed (this is huge)
  5. QuiteRSS has a great interface (I'm big on really nice icons)
  6. QuiteRSS deals with truly duplicate news for me (saves a lot of time)

I'm still a little hesitant though...

  1. Issues with importing feeds
  2. Occasional unexplained crashes
  3. Notifier is currently less reliable/useful than RSSOwl
  4. Filters still have some limitations (can't base a filter on a date column)

I believe that these issues are being addressed, and I do like that the developers are engaging with those of us who really want and need a great desktop reader.  Although it's fun trying out different software, at some point, most of us just want to settle down and use a single product every day.

Personally I try not to ask for "every little thing" I want, because there are just a few core issues that are of primary concern.  No need to muddy the waters with lots of minor requests.

Hats off to the developers who have done an awesome job thus far -- and I look forward to seeing this product move forward!

I'm not there yet.  I tried

I'm not there yet.  I tried staying with QuiteRSS all day today -- did not even open RssOwl -- and QuiteRSS crashed at least 50 times.

Love the functionality, interface, etc. of QuiteRSS, but it's way too unstable on Windows.

Hoping the developers can focus on eliminating the program crashes 100%.  Also the notifier is messed up and I can't get notices to show hardly at all.

Well I tried to go back to

Well I tried to go back to RssOwl and could not!

After just a few days, I really got used to the look and feel of QuiteRSS.  It's delightful to use and is improving fast.

So in I'm going to hang in there with QuiteRSS and work with the developers on appcrashes.  I'm trying to avoid specific feeds in the meantime that tend to generate appcrashes.

Half a year later (sorry for

Half a year later (sorry for thread revival Wink ) these problems seem mostly resolved. I've been using QuiteRSS for a week now, and so far nothing has crashed. And I'm very impressed with the software. To me, that will be the replacement for RSSOwl, which I have been using for almost five years now.  At that time, it was the best replacement for Blog Bridge, which slowed down development at that time (and today we know that the late '09 release was the last one). And now the time has come to dismiss RSSOwl for the same reason.

RSSOwl support also seems nonexistant today, I reported several things and nothing got fixed or even commented on. The database is huge (1GB - empty!), which also means that the clean-up assistant is nonfunctional (with a db4o database tool I can see feeds from 4 years ago, no wonder dragging around dead weight blows up the database size). My filters still work, but I'm unable to edit them (crash when saving). Even back when I could, their editing got exponentially slower with more filter rules. Clicking stuff while images from feeds were still loading prevented them from completion. Sometimes RSSOwl got stuck while loading new feeds. It got problems with a feed, which I therefore carried around in a firefox feed-bookmark for years. And embedded videos stopped working ages ago. Sometimes strange twitter icons opened in the browser when I didn't click anything, which only affected some feeds with twitter buttons on the page. Coursework Writing Service

So...let's try a fresh start with QuiteRSS. Except for the Ctrl-Z function and a non-feed news bin, I don't miss anything. Some things work a bit different, but breaking old habits will take a while. It's tiny, it's fast, and it is in active development. Big yes!



//one week later, I also noticed that broken (incomplete) tables inside feeds do not pose a problem. Another hooray Smile

QuiteRSS is a fast browsing

QuiteRSS is a fast browsing and it does not have any need of java. Best Essay Writers UK QuiteRSS has its own Adblocker which is the main issue right now. I prefer QuiteRSS. 

From your jumping reason I

From your jumping reason I understood much about the merits of  QuiteRSS. It has more inetersting features than RSSowl. So I would prefer  QuiteRSS. 

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