v0.18.6 Problem with search in news: search is ok but then all feeds display empty list until restart

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Long time user of QuiteRSS with the last v0.18.6 I have a problem with the search function ( I used "search in news" and "search in Title"). In a feed at the first search the functionality is ok but when I clear the field search the former feed list does not appear as usually with older versions (sometimes it seems to work) but then when I change of feed it is the same: all the feed lists are empty. After QuiteRSS restarts all the feed lists are back again with all the items.




I tested it and wasn't able to reproduce the error in my system.
So I assume the problem to be related to your system especially your db.

How big is the file feeds.db and did you configure a regular clean-up?
The db might be corrupted. Has there been an incident?

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Hi Sheldon and many tahnks

Hi Sheldon and many tahnks for your quick answer. Youare right about the data base corruption as I have QuiteRSS intalled on 2 different PC and used to transfer my feeds.db file from my desktop one to my laptop one and reverse in order to keep updated my starred news.

After update to v0.18.6 on my desktop I transfered the data base to my laptop but I forget that I had still v0.18.4 installed and I got. two "feeds" files with different extensions. One was the usual one and the other I do not remember.

As I have a spare feeds.db database saved on July 1st when I shift to v0.18.6 (just in case as there was a change in the database management) I just checked with it and  now I can search and the feeds lists remain visible once search field is blank again.

Thank you very much for your prompt answer

Kind regards

It's always good to do a

It's always good to do a regular backup! Smile

To avoid this problem in the future in your scenario you may consider to use the portable version. That would enable you to copy the whole QuiteRSS from one system to the other.

Thanks for your advice but

Thanks for your advice but indeed I used and use mostly portable softwares and of course QuiteRSS is one of them. But as I transfer files to my laptop it takes shorter time to transfer only the feeds.db file than the whole folder. But I will think about.