v0.17.3 freezes whenever I try to manually add a feed

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The program locks up instead of bringing up the first dialog for adding a new feed, whether I click the big green + button, go to add a feed via the File menu, or tell Firefox to add a feed via QuiteRSS.

Once it's frozen, it beeps whenever I try to click anywhere, but I am able to close it via right-clicking the tray icon. When I close it that way, I see this as soon as the little "saving data" window goes away:

Test version (portable

Test version (portable windows): https://yadi.sk/d/-mL1zh4gMHXwt

The issue went away after

Still present in 0.17.4. I have a feeling it might be related to coming out of Hybrid Sleep on Windows 7, but haven't had a chance to do some tests yet.

Doing a full shutdown and

Doing a full shutdown and restarting didn't seem to fix it, but for a little while it was working as normal. I can't pinpoint the cause. Sad

EDIT: I figured it out. The new feed dialog was appearing in my second monitor for some reason. I discovered after noticing that if I press Alt+F4 while it was 'frozen', it became responsive again.

Dan Bollinger
What is the function of ALT

What is the function of ALT-F4 in QuiteRSS?  Same as for Windows, closes the current window?

Yes, it is. The default

Yes, it is. The default behaviour.