Update to latest version (0.18.4) completely erased my feed list and history

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I just ran the auto-updater, and now all my feeds are gone, I'm left with only QuiteRSS's default one...
I had a look inside the main folder, and I found out that the "feeds.db" file is still there, seemingly untouched. AFAIK, it should still contain all my feeds and preferences thereof (it's around 10mb, so something must be in there).
I copied it somewhere safe, and I also tried restoring an old version, along with an older Quiterss.ini file, yet the application seems not to read anything from those files, not anymore.
I'll provide logs, if needed. Just give the word and let me know how to generate them.
I also tried rolling back to 0.18.3, but no avail...I'm now trying to see if 0.18.3 does the trick...


Ok, this is just plain weird:

Ok, this is just plain weird:

I backupped my whole QuiteRSS folder, uninstalled it completely, then downloaded and reinstalled 0.18.3...and all works again...

So I tried downloading the installer for 0.18.4 , insted of using the autoupdater, I uninstalled 0.18.3 and installed again 0.18.4...feed vanished again, so I'm guessing the latest update maybe expect to find its db file somewhere else, than in the main folder, where it has been so far? I noticed also the interface is different (font sizes are back to default, but the quiterss.ini file in the main folder did not get erased, so the application IS reading its settings from somewhere else...User/Appdata?

For the moment being, I uninstalled 0.18.4 again and reinstalled 0.18.3, so to have all my feeds and preferences back.

You need to copy the old

You need to copy the old files (Quiterss.ini, feeds.db). The path to the directory: "Menu - Help - About - Information"



Perhaps you have used the

Perhaps you have used the portable version, and you have lost the file portable.dat

Hello Funny-dcm,  and thanks

Hello Funny-dcm,  and thanks for your suggestion. I will try doing so and report here.

I was not on portable version before the recent events (and I'm not now, even if, when I look at the "about" screen, v.0.18.3 says so...cool).

Why would the default folder for feeds.db and Quiterss.ini change, though?

EDIT: I checked the menu...it really seems the default folder for those files has been drastically changed (I don't know if for better or worse)...I frankly prefere to keep those files handy inside the main directory, instead of spreading them across my AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming folders as it seems to be done with v.0.18.4. I'll wait to see if things are kept like this also in future versions, before doing that change.

To do this, use the portable

To do this, use the portable version. In the portable version all the files stored inside the main directory.