Unable to completely uninstall the software

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The provided uninstaller does not completely uninstall the program. Not only are files still located in the installed folder, but the program is also instructed to run at start up, leaving an error message. 

OS: Windows 7 64 bits.

Before uninstallation: http://i.imgur.com/s9IN7SY.jpg

After uninstallation: http://i.imgur.com/15UfqkK.jpg

Before deleting an

Before deleting an application, it must be closed.

Not having the application

Not having the application open does not solve the problem of leftovers. 

I tested it twice... went through all processes currently running, none of them remote related to QuiteRSS. 

I have everything working.

I have everything working. Unfortunately, I do not know because of what is happening.



Are you using UAC? Have you got admin privileges?

Yes, I am running as

Yes, I am running as administrator, and have UAC activated. 

File list on your picture

File list on your picture shows that it seems that something has locked these files.

Would you use "unlocker" or some kind of this to find out guilty?