unable to access some feeds on OS-x sierra

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I get a "connection closed" error when trying to add the "http://csdl.computer.org/rss/annals.xml" feed (and a number of others).  They work with RSSowl under Win 10.  Any ideas



unfortunately I am not able to test the feed with OS-X Sierra.
I just tested your feed in my system (Windows) and it works fine.

You can modify the connection settings

Tools -> Options -> Network Connections.

You could f. e. try to increase the number of retries. The server seems to respond slowly.

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Unable to access some feeds

Unable to access some feeds on OS-x sierra. After trying this whole it become bad when we get any error here keep trying to solve this is speedy paper legit error because at some of the place we people can manage it and with all the time perfect access we keep more things all the time.