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i am using quite rss since around one year.

since yesterday the scanning process stopping always at the same point.

how can i find out which feed is the problem?


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this is the error

this is the error notification i always receive:

runtime error

the application has reqeusted the runtime to terminate it an unusual way.



as a first step of evaluation I would recommend to update the feeds manually one by one until the error occurs.. .

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Hi Sheldon,

Hi Sheldon,

thats difficult because there are around 800. i dropped the last added feeds and now the scan works for the moment. but the runtime error is now on different ways if i click main folder.  in the past i had much more feeds to load than now, but without runtime error. is there any limit on quite rss or do you offer any premium or can you recommend me something different?




There is no feed count limit.

There is no feed count limit. I assume your db to be corrupted.
I would recommend to save your subsctiptions in an OPML file

File -> Export Feeds...

and import it into an empty db

File -> Import Feeds...

The easiest way to do so is to get the portable version of QuiteRSS.
If the update works fine you can just copy the new db to your QuiteRSS installation.

Hi Sheldon,

Hi Sheldon,

at first thanks for your help. as rss feeds are very important for me it is good to know if there is help if something dont work.

i had already the portable version i think and i changed some settings, i unticked pictures and i ticked optimizing db after logout. with the next days i had less and less runtime errors and since some days no one and it works fine now. i think it was because of the pictures.

i also made the export/import to new db as you recommend, but strangely at this db there were less readed feeds at same time as with the old db.

now i continue wiht the old db as it works fine and i hope that it will continue without errors.

thanks for your help and best regards