QuiteRSS crashes after using news filter with regex

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in the new version you introduced fiters with regular expresssions.
i wanted to use this feature to make my filters usable fpr several feeds.
But whenever I try to run the filter QuiteRSS crashed throwing the exception message

"The runtime was asked to stop the application in an unusual way. Contact the application administrator."

That doesn't seem to work properly.

Here is the regex i use

Please have a look!

Kind regards,


Have this filter created for

Have this filter created for a specific feed?

The main idea from my side to

The main idea from my side to use regex here was to crreate a generic filter that can be used for several feeds.
But for testing purpose I applied it only to one feed first. But there are many other filter settings (about 40 - 50) in this filter.without regex.
Those I wanted to replace with regex later.
After I replaced only one by the regex QuiteRSS crashed. I tried it several time.
It seems to be a performance problem. The regex I use is quite perfomance consuming.
But if I want to filter it with regex I have to use this. It's tthe normal regex for this.
So using regex in filters seems to have restrictions here.

Issue created: https://code
I can not repeat your mistake

I can not repeat your mistake. Requires a precise string regular expression.

Can't repeat the crash.

Can't repeat the crash.

Here is the regular

Here is the regular expression I sent with the initial post.


regexp can be replaced by any regular expression.

Maybe you need my db?

With your database will be

With your database will be easier to detect an error.

Just sent it to Egor!

Just sent it to Egor!

Did you get it?

Did you get it?

Yes, I got it. In his spare

Yes, I got it. In his spare time, try to understand.

Great! Thanks!::-)

Great! Thanks!::-)

Test portable version for

Test portable version for windows: http://yadi.sk/d/-mL1zh4gMHXwt

I started testing today.

I started testing today. Sorry for the delayed feedback but I was quite busy.

The first tests look fine. I will come back to you after further testing.




the filtering by regular expression works fine.
I tested it usng


in different scenarios.
I built the following regex strings

1. regex = regex1
2. regex = regex1.*regex2

That should cover the most.
Both scenarios worked fine.

I tested it also acroos different feeds. Everything seems to work perfect.
I didn't get any crash.

So from my perspective the regex filtering seems to work fine
Thanks for fixing it.

Looking forward to using it after the next release.

Kind regards,


After the regex problem is

After the regex problem is solved i would like to come back to the other issues mentioned before.
Do yu have them still in mind or should I create bugs or suggestions for them?

So, this issue is closed,

So, this issue is closed, create new discussion on other issues, please.