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Hmmm... did my comment not

Hmmm... did my comment not get posted? Apologies if this is a dupe:

Looks like this latest version broke option "Mark displayed news as read when switching feeds" in Options > Feeds > Reading. When switching to a different feed, the feed isn't marked as read.

As an aside, if you happen to be looking around the code and can also figure out why: when a feed is sorted by received in classic view (so that latest received news appears at the bottom), if the feed is updated while looking at it, the scroll bar jumps up to a different page. I have feeds that have thousands of articles and, because they take so long to look at, the feed will often be updated again and wherever I'm currently looking gets lost (which then makes it hard to find where I left off). Not critical but kind of annoying. Thanks!

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Подтверждаю. "Отметка ленты

Подтверждаю. "Отметка ленты прочитанной при переключении на другую ленту" - снова сломана. Причем теперь прочитанная лента исчезает ТОЛЬКО после следующего обновления лент. При возврате на 0.18.6 - всё работает как надо.

Already fixed, there will

Already fixed, there will soon be a new version