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Occasionally the QuiteRSS window turns grey with a busy cursor and "(Not Responding)" in the title bar.  The application never recovers and has to be forcibly closed.



that might be a memory problem. The first approach would be to check the size of the file feeds.db. For the location please refer to

Help -> About -> Information

in QuiteRSS.

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The size of feeds.db is 260

The size of feeds.db is 260 MB

I ran Clean Up and now some

I ran Clean Up and now some of the feeds' titles from 2020 and 2019 are gone while older ones remain.  "Delete Read News" was not selected.  Can I undo the cleanup and get back the lost titles?  Shouldn't QuiteRSS delete the older news?  Can I set Clean Up to delete the older news and keep the latest?

You should find it in the

You should find it in the backup folder. For the location please refer to

Help -> About  -> Information

I shrank the database down to

I shrank the database down to 60MB, but QuiteRSS still hung with 2 simultaneous downloads. The file sizes of the downloads are 0 bytes. I left QuiteRSS running for an hour before terminating it. After terminating the file sizes changed but were still incomplete.

What is your version?

What is your version? Try 0.19.4

I would like to upgrade to 0

I would like to upgrade to 0.19.4, but the new browser engine doesn't allow me to download files. Maybe you can fix that?



Try test version: https:/
Save As works with this

Save As works with this version. But clicking a link still gives an error:

Loading is handled by the media engine
Failed to load URL
WebKit Error 203

I also have the same issue

I also have the same issue where it often hangs and never recovers and/or eventually crashes. Sometimes is just crashes, like it did moments ago, when it had been opened for less than 10 minutes. The DB was 30 MB and was hanging/crashing often, and currently it is 60 MB. Same issues.

When you start up the program, while it is loading and/or getting new news from the subscriptions, I've noticed that if you try and click on any feed while it is in this stage there is a strong possibility of the program going non-responsive and 70% of it crashing. You have to just not touch it all at this stage.

I also noticed that when I added any Feed from FOX News, this seemed to cause it to crash uncontrollably. It would load up and start fetching news, but where FOX was the most recent subscription added into the program, it seemed that once it made its way to FOX that the perhaps there were too many articles it was fetching from FOX or something, but it would always hang there and then crash. I once left it for an hour in this non-responsive state (though it was using 15-20% of my CPU) and it never crashed nor recovered. It would crash immediately if I clicked on any feed or anywhere in the program for that matter. Eventually I had to revert to a backup database where FOX News wasn't added as a subscription to be able to even use the program again.

Firstly, is QuiteRSS incapable of handling large databases? It was mentioned above that maybe the DB was too large, though it seems to me that if this is an issue, this is a major flaw in the program. What is the max size we should keep the DB at? 1MB or less?

Secondly, can another cause of the hanging/crashing be a function of having too many RSS subscriptions? I have 47 subscriptions. I notice it takes, upon start up, a solid ~2 minutes or so to (initialize the DB?) get new news from the feeds. Is QuiteRSS incapable of handling many feeds? IS there a max number of feeds where any more seem to 'break' the software because it kind of seems that way unless this is just a correlation with the timing when it fails and the causation is actually elsewhere in the code.

I like QuiteRSS overall or at least I should say I like the idea of what QuiteRSS is trying to do and I realize it is free (you get what you pay for) and that the work put into it is on a volunteer basis, but for something as old as this reader is, it is still unbelievably buggy. Makes one wonder if it's a case of too much junk code from version after version after version and likely needs to be almost rewritten and re-architectured. If I were a programmer, I would certainly throw my hat into the ring and help out!

Anyway, sorry to complain, just a bit surprised at the amount of crashing and such.