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QuiteRSS v0.18.3 Build 3659 Portable, Windows 10 64bit

The published time of an article still seems to be incorrect for some feeds. For example:

(This bug was present in the earlier version but got fixed in a portable version.)


Thanks Developers!

Maybe the post above was

Maybe the post above was misleading. I am not quite if something's wrong on my end because the version history for v0.18.3 says "Fixed: News publish time of some feeds".

v0.18.2 -> wrong published time for some feeds

v0.18.3 portable -> wrong published time for some feeds



I confirm i have a similar problem with this feed:

The published time disappeared.

Screen attached.


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Sorry, i can't delete this post...

I am not quite sure about

I am not quite sure about your case but what I was referring to was the shift in published time. For example, 5:30pm feed will have 12:30pm publication time.

Ops, indeed, it's quite

Ops, indeed, it's quite different for me.

On a feed (just from a particular site), published time always appears at 00.00 instead of the actual publishing time.