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When notified of new news the sound is repeated at least 6 times even if there is only 1 new message. This happens with any wav file on Ubuntu 12.04 with v0.17.7 or v0.18.2. Pressing Play in Options, Notifications, Sound repeats playing the file twice. Is there a possible workaround until the bug is fixed?

In contrast, the Windows version 0.18.2 is fine playing the sound once only.

I decided the problem, but

I decided the problem, but while I suggest the following:

In the configuration file quiterss.ini the group "Settings", add the line "useMediaPlayer"

Thank you. I assume you mean

Thank you. I assume you mean useMediaPlayer=true.

Unfortunately that doesn't help. Pressing the Update Feed button is fine, giving one sound, but the multiple sounds are when the feed automatically updates (every 5 minutes in my case).

Update: useMediaPlayer=False does work. Thank you very much for this workaround for a minor but rather annoying problem.

Yes, "useMediaPlayer=false"

Yes, "useMediaPlayer=false"