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it seems that the new version brought some small bugs.

Tthat's what I found so far:

- The language switch does not work any more. This means I cannot switch from English to German f.e.

- The tray pop-up doesn't display the icons properly any more

Just small things but maybe you can have a look at it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards





Attach links to screenshots.

Ah, I see!

Ah, I see!
Version 0.15.2 just arrived at
By this the language switch problem is resolved.

And you added the option to set the news to read or unread in the tray pop-up.
So the icon is only displayed in the "news header".
That was not quite clear in 0.15.1. I was confused.
But with 0.15.2 it's clear.

So everything seems to be fine now. Sorry for the confusion.

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