have a problem with updating portable version

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I'm using qiuterss portable Version 0.17.7

When i check for updates,i see this message : a new version of quiterss is available!

ScreenShot 1

but as i press install butoon,it couldn't get new version and this message apeears: no new version available!

ScreenShot 2

what's the probelm??



mcaleck (not verified)
The same here.

The same here. Sad

And I wouldn't want to lose all my settings downloading the new version separately.

Pray, is this going to be fixed soon?


Until the problem is fixed

Until the problem is fixed you can simply download the portable version and replace feeds.db and QuiteRSS.ini in the downloaded version with your files to update.

This is due to the transition

This is due to the transition to the new library

Thanks, works great!

Thanks, works great!