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I get crashes everyday. It happens when i try to open a news item. Win10, 64bit. Latest QuiteRSS



let's try to figure this out!

Do you get this crashes for special feeds or news only or is this independent from the selected feed or news?
Do you use filters with regular expressions? If so please check the used regular expressions.
What's the feeds.db file size? Did you enable the db clean-up options?
Did you enable the option to store the db in memory?

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I believe that the problem it

I believe that the problem it is independet of news feed, 

I today unchecked all but one filters (May  foreign signa å, ä, ö etc cause problems?). 

I believe taht the databas size is not very big.

I today unchecked the option "keep db in memory (I have 16 gb memory..) Perhaps that will help.

I clean up regularly. 



If you have 16 GB of RAM the

If you have 16 GB of RAM the db in memory shouldn't be a problem at all.
Do you use regular expressions in your filters? Incorrect regular expressions can lead to a system crash.
In general special characters like ä, ö, ü, ß, shouldn't cause a problem. If you use them in regular expressions you need to be careful.

Turning "Keep in memory" off

Turning "Keep in memory" off made it worse. It crashes very time I click on another link. Now I have turned it on again. I have turned all filters off, perhaps that wil help.

Unfortunately you didn't

Unfortunately you didn't answer the question regarding regular expressions!

I am not sure about what

I am not sure about what regular expressions is. Do you mean "News filters"? They are turned off.


Regular expressions are

Regular expressions are search patterns you can use to create filters. From your answer I conclude that you don't use them.

Let's see if the filter switch off helps. Then we can take a deeper look at them.

I now have had all my "News

I now have had all my "News filters" turnded of. Since then I have had no problems.

My "News filters" have å ä and ö in both filternames and in conditions to match.

Perhaps it is a little early to be sure (I have not been an intensive user thr last couple of days) but it seems that it is the letters in my news filters that causes the problems.

Please send an example for

Please send an example for such a filter including name and condition.

If the special characters cause the problem you can just replace them in the filter name.
That shouldn't be a big deal.

In the condition you can use regular expressions.

Let's first see if the special characters are really the problem.

Now I have changed the names

Now I have changed the names of the filters ant turned them on. No other changes, the foreign caracters in the conditions are still there.. Let´s see if there will be any problems...St