feeds i've read reappears unread the next day

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A few days ago, some feeds have a strange behaviour. I mark read some of them but the next day when i boot my computer they appear unread...

For example: http://feeds.feedburner.com/cadebordedepotins



Sorry, it's all in french...

I'm in 0.18.11 and it was the same in 0.18.9 (on linux).

Any idea?



Precision: i mean some

Precision: i mean some articles of feeds are marked unread not the whole feed.

I've had exactly the same

I've had exactly the same issue for a few days now. After all messages have been read, after re-starting quiterss, over 100 zombie unread articles re-appear.
Even after re-booting and even after deleting all messages from all feeds.

I'm running Arch linux 64 - both the offical arch package (0.18.10) and the AUR git package (0.18.11) have the same issue.

There was a major qt5 update (from 5.10.1 to 5.11) on May 28th (including qt5-webkit) which might be the cause.





if you set the db to be stored in the memory and it isn't stored properly to the disc this might happen.

Another explaination might be duplicated news.

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It's not duplicated news and

It's not duplicated news and the storage is the same since i used quiterss (3 years ago)...


Edit 13h12; i deleted feeds.db and used a back up; the problem still remains.

@imarco @bhrgunatha: See

@imarco @bhrgunatha: See https://quiterss.org/en/forums/bugs/v01810-feeds-lose-read-status-and-can-get-deleted-after-update-qt-511 (Made a typo there: Should read "...and can't get deleted...").

Cause of the problem is Qt 5.11.

I've been waiting for Sheldon's answer to my reply ("WONTFIX?") from 18/05/28. Meanwhile I'm using Liferea - a real shitty feed reader.

Since I don't expect an answer anymore, I'm going to either setup an ownCloud/NextCloud instance or I may use Thunderbird as a feed reader. I'm still undecided.



The guthub issue says

The guthub issue says downgrading qt5-base to 5.10 and launching 0.8.11 (fails due to incompatible lib) then upgradnig qt5-base to 5.11 and re-launching again is a workaround, and indicates a root cause in database handling, but until they choose to support 5.11 or fix the db issue, I doubt anythnig else will work.

I'll try to solve this

I'll try to solve this problem, but I'm not sure

I did this (back to qt5-base

I did this (back to qt5-base-5.10.0-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz) and it doesn't work for me...

Disable the option: "Store a

Disable the option: "Store a DB in memory (requires program restart)"

Excellent - that was quick -

Excellent - that was quick - thank you!

Some feedback:

  • Disabling "Store a DB in memory" does prevent read articles from re-appearing quiterss 0.8.11 with qt5.11.
  • Even better - building from git (currently at commit ba7d521) which includes the fix for the DB issue in qt5.11 also fixes this issue for me (even when "Store a DB in memory" is enabled.) 


It seems ok now. Thanks.

It seems ok now.