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is there a secret to get the column to stick at their set widths?  is anyone else having this problem?

every time i restart the app, the columns resize.  They always resisze to the same setting.  i can see that the "state" entry in the [NewsHeader] section of the ini file changes but I can't decode the data so i've no idea what's changing.  The other entries stay the same.

Send screenshots. What is

Send screenshots. What is your OS?

Win 7x64, patches all current

Win 7x64, patches all current

even better, here's a 30 second video:

Test portable version: https:

Test portable version:

I also have the exact same

I also have the exact same problem on both the most current installed version and your portable version even on a completely clean install. I'm also running windows 7 64.

vzjrz, send video

vzjrz, send video

ok, mixed results.

ok, mixed results.

using the test build and a cmpletely new ini & feeds.db, the column sizes stick between both program restarts and window resizings.

but if I copy in my ini and db files, they revert back to the buggy behavior - both on restarts and resizings.

i playe with it for a while and it seems to be related to the state entry in the [NewsHeader] section of the ini file but I don't know what I'mlooking at.

This problem still persists

This problem still persists today. on Ubuntu 16.04 with ppa.  Can you please fix this? everytime quiterss is opened, the column width of the date resets and closes up, everytime i have to open it and make it wider. its so annoying!! please fix?