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Looking forward to the upcoming 0.19.0 update.  I see the updated changelog in GitHub.  I have been running QuiteRSS in Windows 7 compatibility mode for a while whilst using Windows 10.  I hope the Qt update fixes the high-resolution monitor problems (icons and text with wierd sizes) I were having before I figured out Windows compatibility mode.

As for this post, when I ran the QuiteRSS "Check for Updates", the popup dialog box shows the change log for 0.19.0 but says I aready have the latest version.  That "Your version is:" 0.18.12 and the "Current version is:" 0.18.12.

I suspect I did the update check during the same time the QuiteRSS team were doing their deployment of the new installer, but I thought to point this small issue it out anyway.  And to let you know I am looking forward to an QuiteRSS update.

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Windows notification showed

Windows notification showed that a new version is available, so i click on install but nothing happend. Then i went to QuiteRSS and clicked on Check for updates, it showed v19 as available but if i click on install there, also nothing happens.

here would be a picture now...

And the Close button is missing its translation.



please ALWAYS wait for the official release announcement on our website.
If you add our official RSS feed to your QuiteRSS you will be informed about new releases.

Kind regards,


New version will appear in

New version will appear in downloads later

Will do.  I was just excited

Will do.  I was just excited with the first release after some time.

Thanks for all your good work.  I tried to make a donation via PayPal but PayPal responds with " This recipient is currently unable to receive money. "

Unfortunately, PayPal is

Unfortunately, PayPal is still unable to configure. Their policy has changed )