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In the past few days the auto-login to sites that require or request it when opening a feed item in a new tab is not working.  I made no changes to my setup, and had already upgraded to the latest (v0.17.2), and the function worked.  Now I get dumped to a site's login page.  I am able to login manually to all but one (  I can login manually to ALL sites in Chrome, but that rather defeats the purpose, having to copy/paste links from QuiteRSS to a browser.

I tried reverting to the previous version of QuiteRSS (installed over newer), then did a complete removal, reboot, reinstall and reconfiguration.  The problem persists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have the same problem but

I have the same problem but only with v0.17.2.

No problem with v.0.17.1.




Test version (portable

Test version (portable windows):



Test version QuiteRSS- works fine.

I can login on all sites and QuiteRSS rememberes login details.

Good job and quite fast.


Best Regards and Happy New Year

The portable test version

The portable test version fixes the problem.  Hopefully the fix can be built into the next update of the installed version.

Thanks smiley


New installer 0.17.3 Revision

New installer 0.17.3 Revision 3471 fixes the problem

vakseviggo wrote:

vakseviggo wrote:

New installer 0.17.3 Revision 3471 fixes the problem

Beautiful, thanks!