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The title says it all...updated...and now can't start there a simple solution.....can i revert back to an older version of QuiteRSS



Tried to edit....but my

Tried to edit....but my second question is there anyway to access the list of my feeds (opml).....foolish me...export my feeds....



please ALWAYS wait for the official release announcement on our website.
If you add our official RSS feed to your QuiteRSS you will be informed about new releases.

To go back to the previous version of QuiteRSS please backup the files feeds.db and QuiteRSS.ini
before reinstalling QuiteRSS. For the location of this files please refer to

Help -> About -> Tab "Information" .

After the installation is completed just copy the files to this location.
i recommend to do a regular backup of this files.

Kind regards,


Send screenshots: Help ->

Send screenshots: Help -> About -> Tab "Information"

Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the replies.

My problem was that i was unable to open the program. Trying to open the program got the pop up that i needed to install MSVCP140.dll on my Win7 pc. Installed the .dll file but still a no go after the installation of the file. Finally able to open an older version of QuiteRSS and exported the OPML . Did a complete uninstall and installed .18 and imported file and everything is fine now....

Tried to edit my inital post and the second post to udpate my situation, however was denied access to edit.

Guess there is no need to send screen shot since my problem was resolved.....My bad for not backing up the program....lesson learned...

Thanks again for the replies.

V0.19.1 portable zip package:

V0.19.1 portable zip package: missing MSVCP140.dll AND vcruntime140.dll 

Hi and happybirthday and long life to QiteRSS and many thanks for the good work provided by the team

MyLaptop has Win7 Pro as OS and yesterday  I downloaded from QuiteRSS site (QuiteRSS 0.19.1 Portable Windows
17.11.2019 | MD5: 7199a96d87c182c73ba91308c80a8951) and was unable to start QuiteRSS0.19.1 portable. I got the message
"MSVCP140.dll/Missing/Can't start", but even after putting "MSVCP140.dll" file in the root directory QuiteRSS.exe did not

After some investigations it appears that not only MSVCP140.dll was missing but also
"vcruntime140.dll" was missing on my computer and in the zip file I downloaded from the official site.

After putting MSVCP140.dll AND vcruntime140.dll in the folder QuiteRSS0.19.1 downloaded from the official site QuiteRSS
works so far.

Hope it could help you and some others with that problem