v0.18.10: Feeds lose "Read"-Status and can get deleted after update to QT 5.11

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I've been running Arch Linux, latest maintenance level.

After the recent update to QT 5.11, deleted or read feeds don't get removed from the database anymore.


To make it a bit more clear:

- I read a feed or flag it read, then that feed changes it look from bold to normal font style

- I restart QuiteRSS and those feeds appear unread again

- Feeds previously deleted (they appear in the "Deleted" folder!) are shown again after restart of QuiteRSS, too


To cut it short: QuiteRSS keeps updating/downloading the feeds, but doesn't remove/delete any of these.


I even recompiled QuiteRSS, to no further success.

Is this a WONTFIX?

Is this a WONTFIX?

I'll try to solve this

I'll try to solve this problem, but I'm not sure

In next version everything

In next version everything will work as it should



@Funcy-dcm: Today I got to

@Funcy-dcm: Today I got to apply your fix. QRSS is back to work like a charm smiley