Is there a way to change "fetch last 25 article" limit?

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I've been using QuiteRSS for some time (previously FeedDemon) and was content with it until I recently stumble upon a very active feed that produces hundreds of posts within a day that made me realize that QuiteRSS only fetches the last 25 articles between prior fetch and current fetch, discarding all other article produced between fetches. For example; let's say feed has a constant influx of 20 articles/hour and you close QuiteRSS, wait for 3 hours and open QuiteRSS to fetch new articles, you only get the last 25 articles instead of 20x3 = 60 articles. Even if the source contains all articles, QuiteRSS fails to fetch the articles between such different times.

I've looked among options and even in QuiteRSS.ini file for a setting to change but couldn't find any related setting. There is not even a setting for discarding old articles per feed which some other competitor RSS readers provide. So I have to assume this 25 article limit is somewhat hard coded and can't be changed and asking you if this is true or there's something I can do to change this behavior. Otherwise even if I love to use QuiteRSS, I'll be forced to switch to something else that can fetch all articles regardless of time between syncs.

Thanks for your time and wishing for a solution.

P.S: If it helps, my related settings are; autocheck updates, update every 1 hours (PC can sleep or shutdown), show unread filter, no mark as read automatically (I manually mark after I read), cleanup on shutdown, days to keep 20, no maximum number to keep, no delete read, all "never" delete checked, db optimization on, notifications off.

Unfortunately, these are

Unfortunately, these are server restrictions

Thank you for pointing this

Thank you for pointing this out.

As I was searching alternatives, I add same feed to an "online RSS reader" (InoReader) and result was sadly same proving your point. I guess I have to move few of my very active subscriptions to online versions since they'll be "up" to fetch the feed while my PC was sleeping or shutdown. At least now I know no offline RSS reader is at fault and I can continue to use QuiteRSS with relief.

Thanks again.

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