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I wanted to create a filter for news not having images, to do that I created this filter: description regex .*[^.jpg]$.

It doesn't work unfortunately, neither with link nor with description...

Anyone hase an idea on a working filter? Is it even possible?



it depends a bit on what you want to achieve by this filter. You can f. e. use this regex

^(?:(?!img src).)*$

to filter the descriptions. The resulting filter will hold only news without images.

I guess you want QuiteRss to display only news without images in the news panel. Right? If so you can use f. e. the action "Add Star" and apply this filter to your feed. Afterwards you can select your feed and use the pre-defined filter "Show Starred" from the toolbar on the top of the news panel. Now you should get only news without images.

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Wow, your regex-fu is on

Wow, your regex-fu is on another level than mine.

Yes I was searching for exactly that, filtering posts with jpg/gif Smile