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been using the program for a while now (since feeddemon went)

it's the best out there now


but, can you stop it crashing please? it crashes all the time.

switching feeds / playing videos / all sorts of things make it crash.


i am constantly closing and re-opening the program just to keep my unread and starred list saved to pre-empt the next crash.







taking into consideration that we don't get many complaints about craches I assume that this is related to your system or configuration.

Due to the fact that such crashed can have multiple reasons you should add more detailed information like
- Which operating system are you working on?
- Which QuiteRSS version do you use?
- Do you use filters including regular expressions. If so please check them because invalid regular expressions can lead to app crashes.

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you don't get many complaints

you don't get many complaints about crashes? there are 3 or four on the first page of this forum


win 10 x64


no filters or anything like that.

You could try to go back to

You could try to go back to QuiteRSS 0.17.7.

Jacek Kotowski
I can confirm what dnrc

I can confirm what dnrc claims. The newest version crashes quite often. Playing youtube, rich content, makes it crash.  win 7/64 bit machine 0.18.4

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It's indeed happening often.

It's indeed happening often. The videos (tumblr) aren't playing anymore so I have to watch on the external browser. I used to have a video filter in the last version, but now everytime I click it QT crashes, maybe it's the number os feeds filtered (about 400).  

Try to version 0.17.7.

Try to version 0.17.7.

Im experiencing a similar

Im experiencing a similar issue. It is described here perfectly:

Can you also tell me, why no one responds on the issue tracker on github at all? i thought thats where we are supposed to report bugs??



this is a well known issue. The so far recommended solution is to switch bach to version 0.17.7.

Please use the forum's bug section for reporting bugs.

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