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Everything was going along nicely as I read this morning's feeds when suddenly I lost the category panel. I'm sure I did something but I don't know what or how to get it back. I went back to my prior topic - which diverged away from my problem which was solved; hence this new topic. I found the bit about whether the DB and INI files were in my program directory. They aren't.


Is there somewhere else they might be? Anyway, I have a recent enough backup directory:


Will just copying the most recent DB and INI files back to my program directory help?

Does anyone have a clue what I might have done to make the categories go away?

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I don't know why this has

I don't know why this has gone live. I clicked save but it didn't and posted instead. And it says I'm not authorized to edit my topic so..

Can this topic be deleted?

Are you sure you haven't just

Are you sure you haven't just closed the panel? If you have you should see the word "Categories" at the bottom of the panel with an arrow on the right of that word, just click on the arrow to open the panel or are you saying the it's disappeared completely?

BTW, the "save" button means post on these forums. Smile