Not working v0.18.1 Portable Windows

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When I launch, QuiteRSS appears in the Windows Task List for a moment, then terminates.


I've upgraded QuiteRSS Portable from v0.17.7 to v0.18.1.

Copied the QuiteRSS Portable v0.18.1 files into the same directory of v0.17.7.

I can run QuiteRSS portable v0.17.7 for Windows without problems.

Windows 7 x64

Debug Log:

13.07.2015 13:06:49.169 WARNING: Run application!
13.07.2015 13:06:49.177 WARNING: Preparation database
13.07.2015 13:06:49.178 WARNING: sqliteDBMemFile(): from file to memory...
13.07.2015 13:06:49.223 WARNING: sqliteDBMemFile(): finished!
13.07.2015 13:06:49.224 WARNING: Run application 2
13.07.2015 13:06:50.999 WARNING: Run application 3
13.07.2015 13:06:51.003 WARNING: Run application 4
13.07.2015 13:06:51.005 WARNING: Run application 5

I installed v0.18.1 Revision

I installed v0.18.1 Revision 3622 and it has resolved the issue.  Not sure if the original v0.18.1 was the same revision, but the bundle did have different checksums.

Revision 3622 - is the latest

Revision 3622 - is the latest version should be no problem.