QuiteRSS 0.12.4 (26.03.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Feed option "Authorization"
  • Added: Program option "Minimal font size in browser"
  • Added: Category "Unread"
  • Added: Update feed on double click
  • Added: Share news: LiveJournal, Pocket, Twitter
  • Added: Language: Korean
  • Added: Language: Lithuanian
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: Increase performance of updating news
  • Changed: Display feed's title in "Feed" column in news list
  • Fixed: Application crash while dragging feeds/folders
  • Fixed: Application crash while pressing SPACE in tab which contains news
  • Fixed: Moving focus to tab just has been opened
  • Fixed: Import feeds with deep folder's structure
  • Fixed: Export feeds
  • Fixed: Application crash while loading flash in embedded browser
  • Fixed: Authorization
  • Fixed: Show images with relative path
  • Fixed: Open news with spacial chars in URL
  • Fixed: Restore column's width of news list when use vertical layout
  • Fixed: Using shortcuts for labels
  • Fixed: Stop automatic read timer after news has marked read
  • Fixed: Viewing image while flash playing (Windows)
  • Fixed: Deleting folder with shortcut

Download: here