QuiteRSS 0.15.2 (13.03.2014)

Main Changes:

  • Changed: Main toolbar (View->Show/hide->Main toolbar)
  • Changed: Relative path to cache (portable version)
  • Changed: Relative path to notification sound (portable version)
  • Fixed: Some links contains "amp;" instead of "&"
  • Fixed: Options dialog haven't fit monitors with low resolutions
  • Fixed: Application shutdown while OS shutdowns
  • Fixed: Application autostart (Windows)
  • Fixed: Default labels are created on every application startup
  • Fixed: Download manager. Incorrect size of downloaded file
  • Fixed: Removing symbolic link to file feeds.db

Download: here


does this mean that the "do

does this mean that the "do you want to save" dialogue that was appearing when closing Windows will appear no longer?